Attached is a photo of my Tak-Tenna installed at my home in Florida.  

Since antennas are frowned upon, it is installed vertically 10 feet high behind a tree. 

It makes for a stealthy install, but not an ideal location.

The TAK-tenna resonates at 1.2:1 SWR at 7.180 and is 2:1 SWR at 7.30. 

Using my Vectronics tuner, I can tune all band from 80 to 10 meters (including 17 meters) with an SWR of <2:1. 

I have many contacts on all bands all over the US, Canada and Mexico since Jan. 1, 2015 using only 100 watts.

This antenna works great if you need a stealthy antenna and have a tuner so you can work all bands.