Since researching, buying, building and playing with this antenna all I can say is Wow! It really works!


And it works good, too. I make QSO's nightly and hams are surprised that I'm talking on a dipole only 30 inches wide.


It works at 13 ft, better at 25', really awesome at 45ft! Imagine getting it up to 60ft? All with 100 watts.

This is a neat antenna, I'm still amazed. I wanted to add that my 40m Tak-tenna is assembled with an Arrow J-pole for 2m/70cm operation (another great antenna!) up 25ft.


I haven't discovered any problems using the two.


Again, if you're on the fence about owning this antenna, jump-off and try it. It works good with other antennas - in fact, I am considering adding a side arm from my mast and put a 20m or 80m Hamstick (another great antenna). We'll see.

Dewey - KI4RGD